Dancing Alone is the narrative of my struggle with my raw emotions as I grieved the loss of my soulmate, best friend, wife, and lover. Throughout my struggle, I wondered if it was even possible to live an emotionally healthy and normal life. Grieving and its soulmate suffering, hurt like hell. However, I needed to prove grieving and suffering do not get the last word.

The suffering I experienced with my wife’s iagnoses of stage IV glioblastoma brain cancer and her ensuing death has been like no other suffering I previously weathered. Mainly because I was missing my rock, my wife. I sought help from multiple sources: grief counseling, blogs, spiritual guidance, support groups, and even self-help books on grief and loss. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer for how to deal with the loss of a loved one, but you shouldn’t have to endure this struggle on your own. Dancing Alone lets you mirror your
grieving path with mine.

After reading my book, I hope you will see that you are not alone, and more importantly, that it is possible to find a path to happiness and simultaneously dance with grieving. I know a painful road lays ahead and this is going to be a lot to overcome. Yet you must always remember, there is still light in the darkest of times. Happiness can be found around every corner.

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